How it works and Why it works?

Chicken Notes were actually used long before paper money, simply by letting business
owners exchange valuable products and services with one another. The Chicken Note,
like a dollar bill, is the medium of keeping track of such exchanges.

First, setup your account.

By allowing members to ONLY sign up via an authorized social media account, we can assure accountability across the entire website, and eliminate spam or abuse.

Second, get a handful of Chicken Notes!

When you first sign up, you get 100 Chicken Notes to use throughout the system on any products or services you see. Please note, some members may charge current dollars for shipping to product, while most products and services will be exchanged with only Chicken Notes being the medium of currency used.

Then, barter your stuff! Or barter your creativity!

If you want to trade any products or services, get to it! Every single member in our community has the ability to search for whatever you want on the site!

Lastly, pay with Chicken Notes or just swap and do a simple trade.

When you and another community member decide to go to business together, you can pay with the Chicken Notes in your wallet, or make a simple swap. Our chat system allows open communication from start to finish!